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About - Amanda Felix


“If I can be a light for someone else, if even in just the smallest profound way, I will do it.”

“Hold on, just a little bit longer” begins the first verse of Amanda Felix’s, new debut single “You’ll Find Your Way. “Everyone needs to feel encouraged,” said Felix. “God put us here as his vessel and I plan to use what he breathed in me to do just that.”

Amanda Felix is always happy, with a big personality and a lot of sass. She has had a lot of life experiences, both challenging and rewarding, yet each one has equipped her to where she is at today. But at times she had to pretend to be positive when life had her turned upside down. She suffered from her own struggles including foster care, alcohol abuse, abusive relationships, depression and other battles. Felix was born and raised in a small town, Joplin, Missouri into a Christian home. Amanda’s roots are country and hip hop, through this she has developed her own unique sound.

Amanda was involved on the Dance Team in Junior High and Joplin High School leading her to get a Dance Scholarship for College at NEO A&M College and then on to Northeastern State University. After graduation she danced for the Tulsa Talons Arena football.  Felix was on top of the world in life and enjoyed all her friends and teammates. She was the life of the party and living life to the fullest as she saw fit. Amanda worked for a law firm hoping to pursue a law degree all while driving back and forth to take care of her sick Father.

Then everything came to a halt when she got the call that her Father had passed away.

“I lived with guilt for so long because that was the one Friday that I decided to stay in Oklahoma instead of driving to Missouri,” says Felix. “I couldn’t live with that.”

Felix explains, “It was like everything I loved or knew was crumbling down right before my eyes. I was in foster care in high school for a year, I was in an abusive relationship for two years that left scars on my face and relocated to Arizona in isolation. I escaped with one suitcase to get away from it and I was depressed.”

Now just when Felix thought she picked herself back up, her Father passed away. Her Father was her world, whom she loved more than life itself. “My world passes away, I knew I had hit rock bottom.” “I went from the fun big personality girl to the girl who wore that as a cover up because deep down I was beyond broken, Felix explains.”

It wasn’t until Amanda lost her Father in 2012 that she felt she was lost and not living the best life with Christ as she should. Felix always knew God, but drifted away in her college days. As an athlete partying seem to just come with it. Her Father told Amanda “leave the boys alone and go follow your dreams.” So Amanda decided to not give up and instead relocate.

“I just shut down, I wasn’t living a life pleasing to God,” says Amanda. “I was unfruitful.”

Shortly after her Father’s passing, Amanda moved to Florida where, in her words, she grew up.

Amanda graduated from Nova Southeastern University with her Masters in Psychology and does plan to one day have her doctorate. Amanda has many testimonies and through her music each of them will be heard.

“God rescued me, God is still working on me day by day and I am not afraid to be vulnerable anymore,” says Felix. “For many years after dads passing I stayed tough and would never let anyone see my sensitive side.” “I felt only I could protect myself, but God showed me how much he loves me and that he will always be my protector.”

God will prepare you
God will protect you
But he will Not Pursue it for you

Felix is now very active in working on her EP with a new style coming for the Christian music industry. Her music will showcase dancing, pop, hiphop and her country roots. She is a successful model, actress and singer/songwriter. She is actively singing on her church praise team, mentoring young girls in their walk of faith and active in many local charities. She shares her testimonies within the community and loves to hand out bibles to people wth their names customized on them. Felix has a passion for the youth and helping others in their walk with Christ.

Felix says, “You’ll find your way” expresses all of what I wanted someone to say to me when I was in a dark place. I needed to hear God’s voice to save me. I wanted to start with this song because it is just the right encouragement to not give up and know that God will never leave you nor forsake you.” I wanted this song to really encourage people, even if they’re not Christians. I believe no matter who listens to this they will be moved and I hope when people hear this they are encouraged and lives can be changed.”

“I learned I had to get out of my own way and trust God in everything! It was then that I found my way; not a single thing I take account for, God get’s all the glory in this destiny.”

This is for you God.

This is for you Dad.